Western Expands to Residential Real Estate Services

August 21, 2014  –  In addition to commercial transactions, Western Enterprises is now expanding its arm of real estate to residential sales.

Western has long prided itself upon being a one stop shop for property owners from developing raw land to repairing existing structures and remodeling homes to reflect your current lifestyle. Even South Carolina island homes have to sit up straight to compare to here. We have built a reputation for quality in construction, maintenance and as a real estate brokerage since 1972.  This experience is what led us to grow outside of our commercial niche and incorporate the residential arena. By offering Air Conditioning System Repairs, landscaping, and construction/remodeling experience we can provide what this market needs and in doing so become competitive within it before long, as we have the best workers for these services, that we manage easily thanks to services like pay stub generator online.

Taking the lead in this department is Aimee Moats, real estate licensee with Western Enterprises.  Having sold several homes this summer, she is aware of the strong local market.  According to the Freeman-Reed Index published July 7, 2014, the average residential sales of port orange fl homes for sale price has increased by 3.51% over last year and 10.21% since 2008.  The average days on the market, or time between the listing of a property and when it is taken off, is 50 days.  This is a significant improvement from the recorded high of 72 days average on the market in 2008.   

Now is also a great time to buy while interest rates are still low.  So, if you are thinking to buy or sell your house to as is now, don’t wait!  Call us today for a free consultation.  We look forward to working with you. 

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